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Safe and nimble hands at work

Until 2010, we designed and developed protective gloves under the brand name Odin, but since then we have used the Wenaas name. As Norway's leading manufacturer of workwear, we know well that the right gloves for the task are all important to comfort, functionality and safety.

How to keep the gloves on
Wenaas has specialized in developing gloves for oil and gas, construction and industry, focusing on user comfort, type of task and protection. For protection against chemicals, we have chosen to collaborate with other leading suppliers to be able to offer a complete range.
A thorough assessment is needed to choose a glove that offers not only the right level of protection, but dexterity and comfort, so the user will keep it on for all tasks. Our product experts are happy to offer advice, to make sure that clients find a glove that will protect against the risks at hand, while feeling comfortable and nimble to the user.

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Development of protective equipment is based on deep knowledge and expertise. Today's and especially tomorrow's workwear solutions are very advanced products.


social responsibility

Protection throughout the chain. Every single thing we do at Wenaas is focused on protection and responsibility.



Excellent service needs excellent systems. The right product at the right time at the right price.