3-layer flame retardant protection

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Protection inside and out

Flame retardant underwear reduces the extent of burns compared with standard cotton underwear, and should be used in addition to flame retardant mid and outer layers.

Base layer
A flame retardant base layer provides increased protection. If exposed to a flash fire, it will significantly reduce the risk of second and third degree burns compared to wearing standard cotton underwear. The appropriate base layer will also wick away moisture from the body and protect against cold.

Mid layer
A mid layer is necessary in cold weather to provide additional insulation. The mid layer should be more loose-fitting than the base layer, as this leaves insulating air between the layers. Flame retardant mid layer garments provide the best protection against hazards in the workplace. This is especially true where there is a risk of exposure to an electric arc.

Outer layer
The Multinorm Offshore coverall is specifically developed for the oil and gas industry, and
provides optimal protection where there is a risk of exposure to multiple hazards. The right functional details for the job at hand in addition to a good fitting, provide increased comfort for the user and increased safety in hazardous work situations.