The Arctic Protection Project

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 The Arctic Protection Project

Wenaas leading development of new workwear for arctic use

Wenaas collaborates with SINTEF, Statoil and Eni Norway to develop new workwear for petroleum workers in the High North. Existing workwear does not provide adequate thermal protection, and does not meet the requirements to maintain acceptable manual dexterity in the cold. Thermal protection of the head and hands is especially challenging.

Development based on practical experience as well as research
The new workwear will have new solutions to ensure safe and efficient work performance in the challenging conditions of the High North. This cross-disciplinary innovation project will be carried out according to a user-centred and research-based innovation process.

The project is a part of the Research Council of Norway's program for petroleum research, PETROMAKS 2, which has been granted 375 million NOK for various knowledge and research projects.