Uniforms and special adaptations

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Your own identity from head to toe

In addition to a wide off-the-shelf assortment of heavy workwear and protective equipment, we offer specially designed clothing and complete, adapted collections. Some of our clients have unique needs concerning placement of pockets or reinforcement of specific areas, while others need workwear that conveys the organization's identity and image. All uniforms must also combine protection and comfort for its users.

Efficient and cost saving
Since the 1980s, Wenaas has become a leading brand in uniforms, supplying airlines and coach companies, as well as public institutions as police, railways and the military. Early on, Wenaas was able to offer electronic ordering, and we have kept on developing flexible, efficient and cost saving administration of these types of concepts. 

Electronic solutions
All our contract clients are offered a specially adapted webshop, fully integrated with our ERP system. With this, up to date information is always available, as well as an efficient, simple and reliable order routine showing what is in stock. Client specific functions can be added, such as budget control on uniform user level. We also offer integration and Punch Out solutions to the client's purchasing system and electronic billing.

Planned manufacture and precise delivery
To ensure high precision delivery, correct volumes and an efficient process, Wenaas uses a specially adapted production planning system. Based on historical data and information from the client, the system establishes optimal prognosis for future needs. This process enables stable production and optimal stock volumes.

Design and product development
We have unique expertise in workwear, and a team consisting of product experts with extensive knowledge of pattern construction, piece goods, seam technique, design and logistics.