Transportation and logistics

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Total solutions for a growth industry

Specialization and centralisation of manufacturing and wholesale storage, as well as an increasing import of consumer goods have given transportation a more important role in the value chain. This has led to an increasing demand for new workwear solutions, in many cases introducing uniforms as a way of exposing the brand.

Wenaas has an unique team of product experts in patterns, construction and piece goods, our dedicated sales teams and safety and protective equipment experts know the emerging needs. We collaborate closely with end users to develop total solutions, with the right combination of comfort and protection.

Our solutions will cover your needs, whether the work is done in a warm or cold storage, or in a rapidly changing environment. We can develop workwear especially adapted to the clients visual profile, while still fulfilling needs regarding wear and tear, comfort and certifications (EN standards).

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e-trade made easy

Simple and speedy processes. To enable cost-effective routines for our clients, we have introduced advanced IT solutions.



Since 1931, Wenaas has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of workwear to the Norwegian market.