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Product concepts

Our product developers work closely to our end users. They are represented in several HSE committees, user groups and reference groups among our customers. This form for direct innovation, combined with our sales organization's expertise regarding different customer needs, has made it possible for us to develop top-to-toe solutions for the various customer segments. Whether you are working in an oil-rig, a construction site, an industrial area, have all employees in one geographic location or spread throughout Norway or the world - Wenaas can provide the solution.



Uniforms and special adaptations

Your own identity from head to toe. In addition to a wide off-the-shelf assortment of heavy workwear and protective equipment, Wenaas offers specially designed clothing and complete adapted collections.


industry and manufacturing

Wenaas has pioneered the development and manufacture of workwear in Norway, based on a tough climate and demanding working environment.



Since the beginning, Wenaas has worked closely with end users.


fire and rescue

For more than 30 years Wenaas has developed emergency and station apparel for fire and rescue, paramedics, emergency rooms, sea rescue and volunteer search and rescue organizations.


oil and gas

A pioneer within flame retardant workwear. Wenaas has supplied protective workwear to workers in the North Sea since the beginning of the Norwegian oil and gas adventure.


transport and logistics

A comfortable working day in demanding professions. Wenaas has pioneered the development and manufacture of workwear in Norway, based on end users' needs.