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Today's, and especially tomorrow's workwear solutions are very advanced products. Wenaas has built an unique professional environment, containing product expertise, knowledge of patterns and construction, textile engineering, manufacturing, logistics and sales, implementation of large orders and customer collaboration and service. Wenaas owns and operates the whole value chain from concept to development and distribution. This enables us to offer flexible solutions and products, and to deliver on time, every time.

Close collaboration with users, research and suppliers
Our product developers always work closely with end users, and are members of several of our clients' HSE, user and reference groups. We have a continuous dialogue with our suppliers of raw materials, which enables us to influence them according to new needs, as well as getting first hand knowledge of developments. This form of direct innovation, combined with specialist know-how and a unique head-to-toe range of products has made Wenaas the market leader in Norway.
In addition to our own tests and evaluations, we have access to acknowledged test laboratories. We are doing product development in collaboration with SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. Thus, we are already developing the head-to-toe solutions of the future.
Within protective equipment we have chosen to collaborate with some of the major suppliers and leading brands in the market. Our dedicated product managers work closely with manufacturers, to get a first hand knowledge of new solutions and innovations.

Efficient total solutions
We have developed efficient processes for orders and logistics, optimizing the value chain and ensuring the most cost effective total solution for our clients. We have established web shops (WMS), E-floor stock (automatization of local stocks), container solutions, EDI etc. All solutions are flexible, and can be adapted to each organization and user, whether it is an oil rig or a construction site, a single location or a world wide operation.

Wenaas employees are dedicated and knowledgeable in their own fields and in the total solutions. Wenaas offers continuous training from our own specialists or third party suppliers. We have the necessary expertise and knowledge, and we are happy to offer advice, so that clients can find the optimal solution and be able to ensure correct use and maintenance. Our mission is to protect workers with everything we know. As our products can mean the difference between life and death, we make no compromises regarding safety.

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Floor stock

By implementing Electronic Floor Stock (EFS) is a local warehouse of workwear, safety shoes and PPE less costly to operate.


customer focus

A solution oriented environment. In everything we do, we always focus on our clients' needs. 


social responsibility

Protection throughout the chain. Every single thing we do at Wenaas is focused around protection and responsibility.